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Did you know that almost 70% of physical problems has its roots in mild psychological disturbances? We can say that almost everything happening in our lives depends on our state of mind. While we are happy, we are able to achieve the best we can do. When we are troubled, some assistance may be needed.

Our roster of professional psychologists are ready to help you to find peace and happiness within you. All of our listed professionals are licensed and verified to ensure excellent service for you.

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Finding and visiting a professional counsellor might not be easy task in both metropolitan and small cities. Luminar will help you by connecting you with our licensed and verified psychologists that suits your needs anywhere, anytime. No more guesswork and getting stuck in a traffic jam.

For your office


Constant employees improvement is your priority. Office Zendo will make sure that your employees get the right professional treatment and approach for the betterment of themselves. Self-Development and Self-Love with boost your employees performance and thus accelerate your business.


Stress at work will cause low productivity, absenteeism, resignation, other costly activities. Konsulife will help your employees to channel their stress and burden. With ease of mind your employees will be in their best condition.


Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us
— David Richo

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